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At Titanium Falcon, our work culture is friendly, casual, and fun. We believe in team building and have an extremely collaborative nature - while working very, very hard to make the best wearables available to the masses. We develop games in-house, take fun breaks, and never skip lunch. Together, we're a creative team of engineers, storytellers, and designers. 


Kitchenette and coffee bar.

Kitchenette and coffee bar.


Our WeWork office in downtown San Jose is conveniently located close to shops, restaurants, and public transit. Our office has beer on tap, ping pong tables, a game room, an outdoor patio, and a gym. We encourage our employees to take advantage of all these great amenities. 

Aside from great pay, benefits, and amazing teammates, we also offer work-from-home opportunities and flexible scheduling. 

To meet our team, please visit the About section.


Gym room, adjacent to the back patio.

Gym room, adjacent to the back patio.

The game room.

The game room.

LA Office

Our la office @




We are curious and creative disrupters, seeking to elevate engineering into an art form.


We value honesty, responsibility, and drive. We don't micromanage here, so we expect our team to conduct themselves ethically, independent of supervision.



Diversity is a priority to us - we are inclusive, embracive, and set intentions with a global mindset. 


Communicate clearly and effectively, collaborate respectfully, and have fun - we're together every day. 



Operate with a strong mind and strong body - for maximum efficiency, health, and creativity. We're also a team of food lovers and snackers, so a strong appetite helps. 

One of our office dogs hanging out on the back patio. 

One of our office dogs hanging out on the back patio. 


we're hiring

If you are passionate about tech, emerging trends, product and lifestyle innovations, or just want to make a difference in daily interactions with technology in the modern world, then we encourage you to apply. Our goal at Titanium Falcon, Inc. is to make the world more open, more connected, and more fun. 

See our open positions below:


Don't see a position for you, but feel like you're a good fit? Feel free to email your resume to:, with the subject "Open Application".